We look to continue to restore and revitalize the local Cleveland community through supporting local organizations that focus on health and wellness, fitness, and community development.   Our goal is to bring a higher awareness of knowledge about how and what you eat can affect your body.   We hope to do this by supporting local charities that share the same passion.

All donation requests must be made through our online form.  We will try to reply to requests within 1-2 weeks.

Please follow the following guidelines:

·      Must be a 503(c) organization that supports health and wellness, fitness, or community development.

·      All donation requests must be submitted online at least 4 weeks for donated items or 6 months for a sponsorship prior to the date of the event.

·      Organizations must include a Tax ID to ensure non-profit or government entity legal status.

·      If approved for donated items, items must be picked up at a local Restore location.

·      Organizations are limited to 1 request per 12 month period.


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